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"My weakness is, I care too much"

So done with caring about people who genuinely don’t care about me.

I swear I always end up caring the most about people who have no problem disappearing from my life and it’s crushing. If you do not show you care about me then I physically and emotionally cannot care about you, it isn’t worth the hurt.

I can see why people become so cold-hearted…good thing I actually can still see the good in some people.

end rant

I seriously think I might write a book…muahaha.

So tired of anxiety

Like, I envy people who can have something small go wrong and not think the absolute worst. Soooooomething I need to work on…

and i should try yoga

that too

I really like when people are a little harder to get to know, and a little quieter at first. When someone is more reserved and then starts letting you into their world it is so much more special, and more real in a sense because they aren’t throwing themselves at you or trying to impress you at all. So if they do start to like you, in a  friend way or more you know it is organic and that they truly do enjoy your time and company - cause they don’t need the attention, but want it from you. People like that make my heart skip a beat.

I’ve been so anxious lately and stressed, and it sometimes seems like everything is going wrong.

It’s moments like this where I notice my weakpoints but also count my blessings. I am sitting here worried about tests when some people cannot even afford college, when marathon runners are legless and lost loved ones…I feel selfish. I am lucky to have family that loves and supports me, my health that i oh so too often worry about (hypochondriac) and I have a great job and good friends.

Just things to keep in mind when I’m sitting here wondering why people don’t like me, people leave my life so easily, why i always care more and such. I hate that I always seem to be hurt because I “gave a shit” but hey, I’m glad I could be there for someone and care for them.

My life isn’t terrible but sometimes I overreact, and that’s because of my anxiety and never ending worrying. I’ve gotten so much better with it this year but not being on anxiety meds for the last few months is definitely kicking in. So I’ll be back on those and moving forward!

positivity is the best policy

rant sry

Is this real life?

Am i actually possibly going to get the answers I’ve been waiting for 6 months for?

I can’t believe you’re responding to me


I can’t deal with clingy, needy people. I’m a nice person…but I mean like RIDICULOUSLY needy and constantly in need of approval. It is sofa king annoying please stop

i feel like absolute death. been sick and puking since 7 AM and can’t even hold water down…

:( i’m the sickest koala fuck. im gonna get a movie and die now 

by die i mean sleep the day away. ugh

march is soon. this is terrifying. ONLY A FEW MONTHS TILL WARM WEATHER. DIET DIET DIET AHH

summer motivation alkdsjfakdj

it’s kinda exciting when you get pumped up to get in shape but it’s so easy to fall out of it. LEGGO GOALS. SUMMER 2K13

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